Ultrasound investigation of mammary gland

This is an absolutely safe and accurate method of investigation which allows to detect, even at the early stages, any anomalies in mammary glands. It proved its efficacy for preventive check-ups of breast (in order to detect pathology at early stages), for follow-up observation of various diseases and for estimation of efficacy and behavior of breast disease treatment.

Ultrasound investigation allows for determination of:

  • the state of connective and glandular tissues of the mammary gland and mammary ducts;
  • conformity of the mammary gland with the hormonal state;
  • pathologies (cyst, benign neoplasms (fibroadenomas, lipomas and so on), breast cancer);
  • state of regional lymph nodes.

Up-to-date diagnostics allows to detect mammary gland diseases at early stages and to prevent breast cancer.

Indications for ultrasound investigation of mammary gland:

  • pain of any character in the breast (may be connected or not connected with the menstrual cycle);
  • breast injury;
  • change in color and density of the breast skin and appearance of indrawn sites on the breast (including nipple dimpling);
  • self-detected indurations in the breast;
  • increase of breasts (one or both);
  • increase or tenderness of axillary lymph nodes;
  • any nipple discharge;
  • genetic predisposition of a woman to mammary neoplasms (benign or malignant);
  • detection of gynecological pathologies (female reproductive organs (uterus, adnexa) and mammary glands are highly sensitive to hormonal changes, and combined pathology is often observed).

No special preparation for ultrasound investigation of mammary gland is required.