Abdominal ultrasound investigation

Abdominal ultrasound investigation is conducted to assess the sizes and structures of the internal organs and their location, to determine presence or absence of neoplasms, inflammatory processes (acute or chronic), injuries. Application of Doppler sonography allows to assess blood flow in the organs.

This type of ultrasound investigation relates to the following organs:

  • liver;
  • gall bladder and bile ducts;
  • pancreas;
  • kidneys and adrenal glands;
  • spleen;
  • vessels.

USI of liver detects:

  • hepatic diffusive diseases (hepatitis, cirrhosis, hepatic steatosis, and changes in liver related to cardiovascular diseases);
  • focal hepatic changes (cyst, hemangioma, adenoma, primary cancer, metastases).

USI of gall bladder and bile ducts detects:

  • abnormalities of gall bladder and bile ducts, chololithiasis, cholecystitis, polyposis, benign and malignant neoplasms.

USI of pancreas detects:

  • pancreatitis and its complications (pseudocyst, abscess), fatty infiltration, cancer of pancreas.

USI of spleen detects:

  • spleen abnormalities and injuries caused with abdominal traumas, spleen changes in case of concomitant hepatic diseases and systemic blood diseases, cysts, infarctions, tumors, abscesses.

USI of kidneys and adrenal glands detects:

  • abnormalities, acute and chronic processes, urinary stone disease, cysts, abscesses, hemangiomas, malignant tumors.

USI of vessels assesses:

  • location of major vessels, state of lumen, presence of clots and aneurisms.

USI of retroperitoneal space detects:

  • presence of increased regional lymph nodes and changes in their structure.

Preparation to abdominal USI

‘Floris’ medical center recommends to conduct abdominal ultrasound investigation under fasting conditions which will reduce the amount of air in stomach and intestines (presence of air may impede visualization of the internal organs). Fasting will also ensure filling of the gall bladder with bile and, consequently, the most accurate ultrasound investigation.

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