Floris medical center in Sumy. USI and its peculiarities

One of the major services provided by ‘Floris’ medical center in the city of Sumy is the ultrasound investigation. You are welcome to read the detailed list of all ultrasound investigations which we conduct here (‘Cost of ultrasound investigations’).

What do you need to know about USI in Sumy

  1. Ultrasound investigation of internal organs generates an image with high-frequency sound waves which pass through the body tissues and are partially reflected from them. Signal is transformed from ultrasound into electric with the computer and is transferred to the display.
  2. USI is acknowledged as effective and non-hazardous method of investigation for pregnant women and children.
  3. USI is painless.
  4. The quality of ultrasound investigation findings depends on the machine class and the doctor’s skills.
  5. USI is much cheaper than MRT and computer tomography.

How ultrasound investigation is conducted in Sumy

УЗИ Сумы (ультазвуковое исследование)Ultrasound investigation is conducted in the specially equipped room. For the investigation, a patient should be lying on a couch. Special gel is applied to the skin in the investigation site. The gel is required for better transmission of ultrasound waves.

Dragging the probe over the skin transfers an image to the display, allowing the doctor to determine the state of the patient’s internal organs. In the process of USI, you will only feel slight pressing of the probe and nothing more.

Moreover, before ultrasound investigation, it is necessary to read the rules for getting ready for the procedure. Various ultrasound investigations require various preparations; therefore, it is advisable to follow all the rules to get the most accurate results.

For ultrasound investigations, ‘Floris’ medical center in Sumy applies expert-class Toshibo Aplio machines, which are equipped with linear, convex and microconvex probes of various frequency.

Our advantage is the highest quality of ultrasound investigation

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