Densitometry atFlorismedical center

The state of bony tissue is examined at ‘Floris’ medical center with the up-to-date and the only in Sumy region energy-switching X-ray bone densitometer Discovery C (manufactured by Hologic company, USA).

Key features of X-ray densitometer Discovery C:

  • High-speed scanning
  • Extremely low radiation dose for a patient and an operator
  • Maximal sharp image
  • High accuracy

We offer the following densitometric examinations:

  • X-ray densitometry of lumbar spine.
  • X-ray densitometry of femoral bone.
  • X-ray densitometry of brachia bones.


  • Females aged 65+
  • Females aged below 65 with the risk factors (see the risk factors above)
  • Males aged 70+
  • Males aged below 70 with the risk factors (see the risk factors above)
  • Adults with the past history of bone fractures after small injury
  • Adults with the diseases or conditions leading to decrease of the bone mass (see above the osteoporosis risk diseases)
  • Adults taking the medication decreasing the bone mass (see above the medicinal products associated with bone mass decrease or bone loss)
  • Any patient who was recommended to take osteoporosis therapy
  • Any patient who is taking osteoporosis therapy in order to estimate the treatment effects


  • Pregnancy


  • No complications reported

What can you do to prevent development of osteoporosis?

There are some recommendations which may help to reduce the risk of osteoporosis development. However, even with osteoporosis diagnosed, you can do much to keep on enjoying active life. Elimination of the risk factors which you can regulate is the first step to success! If you follow the recommendations below, your bones will be stronger and you will be able to avoid osteoporosis and the threat of fractures.

  • Keep your body weight under control!
  • Eat food rich in calcium and vitamin D!

You may make an appointment for consultancy by osteoporosis specialist by telephone: +38 (0542) 77-57-57, mobile: +38 (066) 5327809, +38 (097) 9475757.