Observance of the patients right and examination confidentiality

Dear patients! We always follow the principles of observance of the patients’ right and examination confidentiality while sampling the biomaterial for examination, testing and issue of the test findings. We are very sensitive to the patients’ rights; any information – from telephone conversation to issue of the test findings – is kept highly confidential.

You can receive your test findings in any of the following ways, at your option:

  • on the letter-headed paper at ‘FLORIS’ medical center*;
  • by telephone (in such case, give a code word to the receptionist when you pay for the test);
  • by fax (based on preliminary request);
  • by e-mail (based on preliminary request)**

* Test findings may be provided in English (based on preliminary request and for extra fees)

** Test findings are attached to the message as an Adobe® PDF® file and are an accurate and unchanged electronic copy of the paper forms.
Feel free to ask any question or express your suggestions you may have by telephone given in the Contacts