Feedback in the web. How to benefit from it

It is hard to imagine the life of a modern person without the internet. We often use the internet to find feedback on this or that service, goods or organization. It is an excellent means for making a right choice in favor of any organization, service or goods. Excellent, however there is one ‘but’... It became clear that, whereas feedback in the web is so much important for the people to make their choice, it could be used as a means to control the peoples’ choice.

How is that possible? Very easy! Usually, people are hired to post ‘pre-ordered’ negative feedback on definite companies, goods and services on various forums, websites and social media. Sometimes, people dissatisfied with their lives post false feedback and give bad comments on any goods or service which they have never bought or used. Thus, the online users develop a negative false impression about this or that company.

Experienced online users, who take into account the feedback in the web to make their choice, can easily differ true feedback from false one. However, the majority of people cannot see the difference. What could be advised in this case?

First of all, look for feedback on the official websites of the companies. This is the place where people usually express their gratitude or claims, and only in such a case the company can respond to a claim and satisfy it.   

Secondly, do not trust negative feedback which contains general phrases of dissatisfaction, which could be applied to any other situation. There should be a valid reason for negative feedback, which usually is described in full details by the person.

Thirdly, set as many clarifying questions to the feedback authors as possible. What exactly was wrong for them and why? Did they set their claims to the company and how did it respond? The more questions you put to the feedback author, the better you understand whether the feedback is true or false.