Our advantages

  • ‘Floris’ medical center has been working since 1998 and has proved itself as a reliable center which provides high-quality medical services and performance of which conforms with the international standards.
  • ‘Floris’ has all the required permits, certificates and medical licenses issued by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. Clinical diagnostic laboratory has been accredited for laboratory tests.
  • Additional participation of the laboratory in the independent programs for quality evaluation allows for making an objective statement on high accuracy of the test findings.
  • Special attention is paid to the rules of the patient preparation (preliminary consultations, informational support). Open access to the information on preparation to investigations and tests: on the website, on information boards.
  • Patient-focused approach: comfort, convenience, care. We take into consideration your suggestions to improve the quality of our work and to expand the range of services. The patients’ suggestions are highly important for our better performance.
  • There are several ‘Floris’ medical centers in Sumy. Convenient location within the city infrastructure allows to reach any of them easily both with public transport and a personal car.
  • We do not rest on our laurels but continually monitor the innovative tendencies and best practices in medicine in order to implement them actively in our work. Implementation of new developments, research findings and advance techniques, purchase of new sought-after diagnostic equipment, conductance of scientific researches, development and implementation of new methods – all these are the integral components of our daily work.

Our history


Transrectal investigation of prostate, bladder; transvaginal oncologic investigations; USI of eyes and retrobulbar spaces; Doppler sonography of eye blood vessels

USI of stomach, intestinal tract with contrasting and Doppler sonography; USI of joints, ligaments, tendons, cervical and lumbar spine

Doppler sonography of extremities, neck and head vessels

Opening of a robot-assisted clinical diagnostic laboratory. Implementation of shockwave therapy for locomotor system diseases

Laser ablation of breast cysts. Implementation of needle biopsy; cytological investigations of thyroid and mammary glands

Launch of energy-switching X-ray densitometry, investigation of uterine cervix and thyroid pathology, digital X-ray mammography and X-ray, mammary pathology

Up-to-date endoscopic investigations were implemented


Наш персонал

Our equipment

  • Thorough selection of equipment ensures maximal possibilities. Our principles for selection of equipment: wide investigation range, high accuracy.
  • The newest and high-precision expert-class equipment manufactured by the world best producers (Japan, USA, Austria, Germany).
  • Operations performed during clinical diagnostic investigations are robotized to the possible extent, therefore, ‘human factor’ is practically almost eliminated. For the laboratory tests, only high-quality original reagents and consumables are used.

Our doctors

  • The professional team of ‘Floris’ medical center is well-known for its high proficiency, specialized knowledge, experience of diagnostic situations of various complexity.
  • Practicing specialists with large work experience, doctors of the first and highest category, PhDs of Medicine.
  • Doctors working at our center are devoted to their profession. They are careful to the patients, passionate about their work and eager to help. Working at the medical center allows them to put their knowledge in practice and to use their creative potential.
  • Continuous professional growth: annual participation in seminars, courses, internships. Management of ‘Floris’ medical center takes care about its staff and is interested in its development and growth!

Do not risk your health! Trust it only to the responsible professionals. If you are seeking for medical care, we will be happy to provide it to you.