Currently, X-ray projection mammography is applied globally for diagnostics of breast cancer in the majority of cases.

Mammography is a roentgenologic method of examination. This method has been applied for over 30. Mammography is probably the most important method for diagnostics of mammary diseases. It allows not only for detection of any changes in the breast tissues but also for assessment of their size, character and extent. Importance of this method could hardly be overestimated.

Mammologists and oncologists recommend all women aged 40+ to undergo preventive check-ups and mammography on a yearly basis. Mammography is applied as a screening method, i.e. as a method for quick examination of the large groups of female patients. Moreover, this method makes it possible to detect pathological changes on the early stages. For example, mammography contributed to reduction of breast cancer mortality by 35% in women aged 50+.

Early diagnostics of breast cancer with mammography also means that more women can recover from this disease and to preserve their breasts. It is quite possible at early stages, when cancer has not penetrated the adjacent tissues yet or cause metastases, to resect it easily and not to do mastectomy when the entire organ is removed.