Preventive measures save money and time, improve and preserve the quality of life.
V.V. Gapchenko

Welcome to ‘Floris’ Medical Center website.

You can review the feedback of our patients and estimate the level and quality of medical services provided. You can make an appointment or ask a question right on the website. We will respond to your question by mail or in any other convenient way.

Basic services of the medical center:

  • High-quality ultrasound investigations of all kinds
  • One of the best clinical diagnostic laboratories in Europe
  • X-ray, mammography, densitometry, endoscopy, etc.
  • Consultancy by highly competent and experienced doctors

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Patient Reviews


Хочу оставить отзыв о работе косметолога-эстетиста Билоус Виктории. С первой нашей встречи сразу пон...

Чехута Оксана

Огромная благодарность врачу-координатору Бидоленко Наталье Викторовне за профессионализм, чуткое от...


Хочу поблагодарить врача-гинеколога Булаву Юлию Викторовну, обратилась к ней 15.04.2021 с проблемой,...